About us

A Proactive Company for … 50 years !

With its first import in 1971, GD import became one of the leading importer/trader of products dedicated to the mail order market.
We source product that are “different” from others. Our items reply to needs and solve daily problems !
We source, distribute and even create products that really assist people every day.
We bring ideas that sell to either mass and niche market. We travel the world and in particular China (this is where many products are born) to bring the best innovations to our distributors and their consumers.
The GD Import story is about creating success business with the right people.
We supply from our French warehouse as well as on FOB Asia terms at the right trading price.
Our teams work hard on improving the order process as far as possible: “Smooth & Easy“. We arrange OEM packaging, inspection reports, HD pictures. We can supply demo videos, social media kits and TV advertisments with our own film team.

A permanent improvement of service…

TV products and Video promotion
For a few years, we have developed unique concepts for the DRTV market, also known as “TV products”. We know and talk with the main people in this industry. In this shark tank, we cooperate with the right ones only.
We develop ideas that have potential. Our internal R&D team designs and co-designs prototypes with qualified manufacturers.
The marketing team supplies full marketing packs for our national distributors/partners.
With 49 years of experience, we know what “sells” and what “doesn’t sell”. We create products from expertise … and this is “how we create top sellers”.
You want unique products, and we find them!
You have a brillant idea – we have the network to distribute at world scale.
If you are an importer/wholesaler targeting retail/web/social media, we can offer exclusive distributions rights for our own products and brands.

Improve your online sales !

Discover our new marketing tools to support your online shops and printed campaigns !

In 2020, we opened our own internal video studio to produce more than 400 demo videos + QR Codes, and also 3000 HD Pictures. If not available yet, we will create a video for all products you will buy from us.

Don’t miss anymore the web opportunities and offer videos to your webshop. Videos are a great support for sales, product understanding, and also reduce significantly the quality return rate.

Explore our online catalogue with all the products details. Our catalogue is build as a B2C shop. You simply feed your cart and check out to receive a quotation in the next hours.