10th jan. 2022

Visibility, buying intentions booster, positive impact, attractive content…

Are you aware of the power of video content?

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video consists of 25 pictures per second…

The video has become an indispensable media tool and has developed considerably over the last few years. In former times, it was mainly present on television.

Now we find the video everywhere – online, in social networks and even in the streets with the DOOH (Digital Out Of Home).

The video has become a major plus for sales. Based on a study conducted in 2021: 96% of the people watched an explanatory video to find out more about a product or service. And the positive impact triggered by a video increases the purchase intention by 97% (Social Media 2017).

But have you ever wondered why a video has such an impact on the buying decision these days?

With the technologies around us, we live in a world that faces an overabundance of information creating a scarcity of attention. And it is in this sense that the video reveals all its power. It is THE mode of communication that perfectly matches our current way of life.

The video captivates! It is an attractive format and requires little effort for the consumer (unlike reading which requires more concentration). It is therefore a winning media tool!

In this fast-paced time, the video perfectly meets our needs. It also helps disseminate more information quickly.

A video stands for communicative exchange. It conveys more emotions to the viewer than “static” formats in general.

The video has gained its place in our daily lives. This makes it a marketing and commercial tool that is now essential for any company that wants to be dynamic, innovative and coherent with the lifestyle of its customers.

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10th oct. 2021

Late deliveries, shippings delays, power shortage and now the Chinese New Year!

What is the real situation today and tips to manage it ?

At every start of the year you encounter difficulties in obtaining supplies of goods, and out of stock is inevitable?

As you probably already know, the Chinese New Year holidays begin on January 28, 2022 for a period of 3 to 4 weeks! Imports from China will be at a standstill and the return to normal is often long. There is a correct recovery in imports, on average only in mid-March.

As an importer or distributor we therefore find ourselves with the factories shut down for 1 month. Overloaded production schedules in January and consequently big difficulties in importing goods from December to March. Not to mention the biggest shipping transport crisis  with significant consequences in terms of shortages in particular… 

Add to that, the current energy restrictions in China, which force factories to temporarily stop production… and we quickly find ourselves with disruptions and therefore problems of consumer satisfaction!

It may seem obvious, but the key to having your products in stock and ensuring sales is to ANTICIPATE as much as possible. Always keep in mind this special Chinese New Year period!

As early as September (and even before), it is important to plan the whole beginning of the year to ensure the supply of goods. We consider that in mid-October, it is already complicated to place new productions.
For latecomers don’t panic! You still have a few days to anticipate your orders and not be surprised.

If you forecast a shortstock, it is now time to switch to available products as soon as possible. 

In any cases, your supplier is there to support you, advise you, but also to offer you replacement products to compensate for your momentary shortages of stock.